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Did you know there are several conditions that can cause dental damage and issues within your mouth that first need to be treated before the damage can be effectively treated? In situations such as bad breath, it can lead to social stigmas and potential tooth wear, but it could be the result of an underlying condition that first needs to be treated. If you do not correctly treat bad breath and simply mask or cover up any foul odors that may be present, it could routinely and continually occur.

If you routinely suffer from bad breath, it could be due to something much worse than food. Although several forms of substances in breath offending materials you put into your mouth can lead to bad breath, underlying conditions will continually make it arise. This can include an oral health illness including gum disease, a toothache or an underlying infection in your body, including respiratory tract infections or liver and kidney issues.

Most forms of bad breath are linked to failures to take care of your teeth and gums correctly. If you continually let your saliva production wane and dry mouth to occur or if you are involved in unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco, you will be increasing your risk for bad breath. Furthermore, if you let plaque build up in your mouth or you aren’t taking care of prosthetics in your mouth such as dentures, you can continually put your mouth at risk of further contamination and the rise of bad breath.

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