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A root canal is an outpatient procedure designed to repair or replace the root of a tooth that has become damaged or infected.

A root canal usually requires two separate appointments. At the first appointment your dentist will require a series of X-rays to help determine the extent of the decay.

We will then remove excess enamel to gains access to the infected parts of the tooth and remove the infection from the root. Once the infected material has been removed it will be replaced with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. This gives the root the integrity and structure to later anchor a crown.

Dr. Lyudmila Shur will then make an impression of the area before fitting the abutment with a temporary crown. The impression is sent off to a dental laboratory where a permanent crown is then made.

At a brief second appointment Dr. Shur will remove the temporary crown and cement the new permanent crown in place. With proper care and cleaning the new crown and abutment can last for many years to come.

If you are concerned that you might need a root canal please feel free to call us at 425-741-2030 to schedule an appointment.