Types of Gum Disease and How to Prevent Them Both

Did you know that there are two different stages of periodontal disease? Both of these forms of gum disease can cause future problems to your mouth and overall health. Our team is going to give you a look at what these two types of gum disease do to your mouth and how you can prevent… Read more »

Five Perks of Dental Implants

If you are healthy enough for an extraction or for oral surgery, you are probably a candidate for an implant. This reliable treatment—which boasts nearly a 98% success rate—is used to replace missing teeth. If you are interested in a dental implant, we recommend that you meet with our dentist soon. With a dental implant,… Read more »

Eight Dentistry Terms You Should Know

Dentists tend to use words unfamiliar to the rest of us who didn’t attend dental school along with them, and it can be overwhelming when you have no idea what they are talking about. Here are some dental terms you should know if you don’t want to feel like a tiny fish in a big… Read more »

TMJ Disorders: Common Culprits for Jaw Pain and Headaches

You’ve heard the initials “TMJ” a lot, but what does it mean? TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. Everyone has two of these special joints. They are a complex system comprised of the two joints, jaw muscles and ligaments that enable the opening and closing of the mouth. Your TMJ facilitate chewing, talking and even swallowing…. Read more »